I have never in my life seen pictures so beautiful! I had heard… I had heard you were that good. But until you see it for yourself, you just have no idea!




It’s like a fairy tale!!! So beautiful!! I’m about to cry now. This is extraordinary. I wasn’t expecting this much when we were shooting! You are so very creative! I feel way more more confident! Super powerful confident! I didn’t know I could do this much! I can’t wait to shoot with you again! Seriously!




Thank you! I can’t even begin to explain how incredible yesterday made me feel. You opened up a door to confidence for me. It was awesome! Great thanks! I’m already telling my friends just how awesome you are!!




I would like to thank you again for everything. The whole experience was incredible. I love that Sadie had the opportunity to express both her inner and outer beauty through this process. Your ability to capture beauty and expression in each portrait is simply a gift that few have. I enjoyed getting to watch my sweet little girl grow and blossom right before my eyes as you lured beauty and poise out of her with each shot. From the first conversation with you it was very apparent that you were passionate about showcasing the individual characteristics of each girl. This poured over into your intentionality in choosing outfits, hairstyles, and makeup. The photo session itself was very flattering for Sadie with everything from a private dressing room to the encouragement and support that you gave throughout the session. The viewing of the photos was perhaps my very favorite part. As a mom, I got to see my daughter in print, every aspect of who she is was captured in some way. The detail to expression and how you made her eyes and thoughts come alive is remarkable. I stared at many pictures with tears in my eyes as I saw my little girl transforming into a beautiful lady… Your work is to be praised. Thank you for this opportunity.




Everyone has LOVED Brit’s pics! Several people told me she looked like a model and everybody said you do awesome work. Thank you so much for capturing her the way that you did!!




I’ve never seen a picture that so perfectly captured each of us at the same time… We’ve done a lot of things that we’ve spent a lot more on and enjoyed a lot less. This was just a great experience for me. I loved it!




This shoot was unlike any shoot I’ve ever had. I was really wanting something different… something to show who I was. William took the time to know who I was and what I was about. He made me feel not just like a client but like I was his friend. He helped me to find my inner strength, and to me that inner strength shines through my pictures! I love them!!! I wanted a totally unique experience for my senior pictures and I definitely received that!


I normally dread taking pictures. But the other day I was telling a buddy of mine that I actually enjoyed it! You made it so easy. We were out there for over 2 hours, and it seemed like 30 minutes!




I loved watching you work. You see things that we just don’t see. You were so enthusiastic! And I never felt like I was posing.




You won’t be disappointed! In fact, you will absolutely love yours so much it will be hard to choose! William is fantastic at capturing your individuality and is a blast to work with! ❤️




Thank you so much for today. It was an amazing experience and I will always cherish it. I could never thank you enough.




I had so much fun taking photos with you. I love doing this kind of stuff, and having someone like you with so much talent in photography show me that I could. It’s made me determined and more confident that… maybe I can.




My daddy has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. You could probably see that he is the rock of this family. Though the youngest… I am quite strong and can take just about anything thrown my way, or so I like to think. See, I get my strength from my daddy. I am the baby, but … you won’t see me cry very often. Last night, while looking at the photos you did…I found myself fighting tears back. They were breath-taking. You did such a wonderful job! You caught the love, kindness, gentleness, and strength found in my family. I will always have this book to look back on and remind me of the wonderful people God has blessed me with. They all have nothing but wonderful things to say about you. Hearing them talk about you makes me think of the way I would describe my daddy. I just wanted to thank you for giving our family such a wonderful gift and sharing your God given gift with us.




I want to thank William for making the twins’ Senior Photo session one to REMEMBER!! Wow… What an amazing and talented photographer! He absolutely sees the beauty in all of Gods creation. Thanks again for the positive experience, one that will never be forgotten.




He is wickedly talented. Every time I see a William Laurence photo posted on my news feed, I tend to love it more than the last! I can’t wait to see more…!




This is original…absolutely outstanding photography…




Oh. Dang.




I just want to say that I had such a blast today shooting my pictures with you! You did such an amazing job with me! Thank you so much for making today amazing!




Your work absolutely takes my breath away!




Alyson has had so many compliments on her pictures. EVERYBODY loves the book! We’ve had comments from “OMG so cool!” to “That’s the best presentation of pictures I’ve ever seen!”




Bill has a gift of producing amazing photography!!!




I don’t believe there is a superlative descriptive enough for these photos.