It’s the vision that matters. That’s what I am here to capture and create. Lighting, location, wardrobe… these are just tools at my disposal in crafting the image. But the designed image… the one that says something powerful, something meaningful about her… that becomes as one-of-a-kind as the subject herself.










design consultation


The fun begins with a brief questionnaire, specifically designed to help you express who you are and what means the most to you. We will use this as a springboard for our one-on-one phone consultation, during which we will fine tune the vision and details of your session. We’ll talk through your style, locations, and wardrobe!

I will also send you a copy of our exclusive Senor Magazine, EPIC, which is full of awesome pose and picture ideas and inspiration, as well as great tips on what to consider when selecting wardrobe, and more!

photo shoot


It’s time to shoot! You will have access to our beautiful 2400sq-ft studio with private dressing room and bathroom, even if we’re shooting on location. Expect to have a blast as we laugh, shoot and evolve your looks to capture and create amazing imagery that celebrates you! You'll be relaxed and confident in no time!

With nearly 18 years experience shooting, I know what beautiful looks like and I will always find and draw out your natural expressions, genstures and personality. I will always make sure I show you in your best possible light. I don't need a list of things you don't like about yourself. All I ask is that you trust me: I take full responsibility for making you look your best!

artistic edit


What the camera saw is just the starting point! Once your session is complete, your images are remastered in our digital darkroom. Beyond skin smoothing and blemish removal, we make your images truly unique through our acclaimed Art Proofing Process, giving each image the precise treatment that it deserves to bring out its full beauty and potential.

See an example below.

viewing session


You will view your images in a chic & comfortable theater-style viewing room. You'll see yourself come to life, projected wall-sized with music and motion. We will expertly guide you through the process of selecting the images that mean the most to you, and help you order the products that are perfect for you and your family. Many of our must-see products, like our Senior Art Book or our Artisan Collection products can only be appreciated in person. You will be able to see and touch everything that we make available to you.




 fierce CREATIVITY  

Creativity isn't a buzz-word...it’s the point. It’s the "clean energy" that fuels us every day. From the Design consultation to the Photo Session itself, right through to the Ordering Session... fierce, unbridled creativity is our penchant and our passion.  



uncommon ELEGANCE  

Your images will capture your “essence” with the kind of sophistication that speaks important things about you. With a lifetime as a fine artist, and experience shooting editorial and fashion for magazines and private clients alike, William’s passion is to bring every client to life with stunning and meaningful imagery. You are extraordinary. We’ll show you how extraordinary.         



uncompromising QUALITY  

What else is there? We insist on nothing less from ourselves. Every session, every product, every time. This is the heart of Designer Photography. And it's our promise.